A day in which you can have your own 2 hour pop-up wedding from under £2500. We pre select a date and venue/location, all you have to do is book your chosen time, invite your guests and turn up to tie the knot! At our pop-up events you can also choose to have a vow renewal or commitment ceremony.
By using a civil celebrant it means  that your ceremony will be much more personal and can be tailored to exactly how you would like it. A civil celebrant enables you to have your ceremony where ever you like, whether it be your own back garden or at your favourite place.
Yes, you can. We work with some great Celebrants who love what we do and can become part of our packages.
There is a lot of confusion surrounding venues and licensing, a venue doesn’t actually have to be licensed in order for a civil ceremony to be held there. All it means is that you will have to go to a registry office prior to your pop-up wedding to register your marriage. However, some of the venues we use will be licensed which means that there will be no need to go to the registry office as a registrar will be present on the day.
Our pop-up ceremonies are lead my civil celebrants which enables our couples to have the freedom to tie the knot wherever they would like to have their perfect ceremony and not be restricted to licensed venues. This does mean that it is not actually a legally binding ceremony but just as you would if you were to get married abroad all you need to do is visit your local registry office prior to your perfect ceremony to do the legal paperwork.
With most civil marriages or partnerships you must give at least 28 full days’ notice at your local registry office. You will need to include details of where you intend to get married or form a civil partnership. Your notice will be publicly displayed in the register office for 28 days. You must have lived in your registration district for 7 days before being able to give notice.

http://fiveonenine.ca/category/shop/ After the 28 days you can register your marriage along with two witnesses. Most offices offer a short registration for around £50. There is no legal requirement to exchange rings at the registry of your marriage or civil partnership. Most people just do this casually in their jeans and save the exchanging of rings and personal promises for their “real wedding”. The registration is just 41 words plus your names. Once legally registered you are free to have your dream ceremony wherever you like, indoor or outdoor, surrounded by your nearest and dearest!

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Yes, we love seeing couples sharing so much happiness and committing to one another, we cater for whatever you would like to do not just marriages and civil partnerships. Our pop-up concept is great for those who have previously tied the knot but would like to renew vows, perhaps you look back at your wedding day and wish you had of done things a little differently, now you can but without a huge bill at the end of it!
No, if you choose a time slot at one of our pop-up events although there will be other couples getting married in the same place on the same day we allow at least an hour in between each ceremony to ensure that your wedding is private for you and your guests.
We all know we can’t always rely on the good old British weather! Our outdoor locations will normally be an option during the warmer months of the year, however, we will have a wet weather back up either at the same location or nearby in case the rain decided to make an appearance. You can always embrace the rain with umbrellas and wellies if you like!
You can continue your day celebrating in whichever way you would like to, maybe a picnic lunch in a local park, an intimate dinner at your favourite restaurant, or even a full wedding reception, it’s totally up to you. We can help organise your celebrations as much or as little as you would like. We also have
relationships with some great venues and restaurants and can help get you the best rates possible.
Yes, just let us know what you would like to do for your reception and we can help as much or as little as you would like at a small extra cost.
Our pop-up events are normally styled pretty neutral and soft with them being for a number of
weddings. However, if you would like to incorporate some specific colours in to your deco or flowers
for your personal ceremony our stylists are more than happy to discuss your needs and tailor your package.
Of course you can. In with your package you get a yummy 7 inch round semi naked cake but if you
would like to upsize your cake our fabulous cake maker would do exactly what you would like. (cost
increases for larger cakes and if you chose to have your cake fully iced etc)
Yes, our amazing photographers will more than happily tailor your package. Extras which can be added to your basic package include; additional photoshoot time, engagement shoot, post wedding shoot, photo albums and photo boxes. (additional costs for extra services and items)
Absolutely, we love florals and prettiness! In with your basic package you get a beautiful bridal bouquet and a button hole but if you have bridesmaids and groomsmen or would like some more floral decorations these can be added at an extra cost.
Yes, as well as our pop-up events we also offer private pop-ups in which you can choose your own venue and preferred date and our collective of fabulous suppliers will come to you.
Unless the venue you choose has a limit on the number of guests you can have we do not set a limit for you. You may choose to have just the two of you there, or you could have 100 guests!
Of course! We love travelling and seeing new places. Although we are based in the North East we don’t mind travelling if you would like to have a private pop-up somewhere. We are also looking to expand our locations for pop-up events to venues/locations around the country in the near future.
On top of our basic package we can tailor them to your needs. We have put together a list of add-ons for you and if there is anything else you would like we know lots of wonderful people in the wedding industry to supply what you need!
Of course you can! A Pop-Up wedding may not be a traditional wedding but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wedding party!